How to disable auto-play videos on Facebook for iOS

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The social site maker Facebook, recently provide auto playing videos feature to its iOS app. In this feature, videos start playing when users are present in their news feed. Videos play automatically, but without sound.

You can’t ignore this feature completely but we provide some information how you can disable this auto play video when you use internet in your iPhone.  So that doesn’t waste your internet data for unnecessarily videos.

The following steps make you know about how to stop auto play video features on Facebook for iOS:

Step1: Go to Settings app from the home screen of your iPhone

Step 2: Scroll Down and tap on Facebook

Step 3: Now tap on Settings.

Step 4: Under the video option, turn on the option for Auto-play on Wi-Fi only.

How to disable auto-play videos on Facebook for iOS

If you are following the upper process, it should stop video auto playing when you are use packet data. While these videos are auto played, you can simply shared by your friends. It is making a way for video ads on your Facebook newsfeed.

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